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Meet Our Team

At Senopati Therapy Center, it’s our pleasure to provide patients with not just exceptional chiropractic care, but quality care from our professional and friendly team members. We invite you to take a few minutes to learn a little more about the people who make our practice so wonderful.

Dennis Christopher Laoh D.C, Chiropractor

Since graduating from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia in 2012, Mr. Dennis has brought his focus on holistic human health to the Jakarta community through advanced chiropractic care, where he hopes to educate patients on how to live a healthy life.

Mr. Dennis doesn’t just focus on the spine but instead takes a whole body approach to bringing results to patients which may entail postural rehab, CBP structural rehab, myofascial release and stretching techniques. He also now certified provider for scoliosis care and brace experts by Scolibrace.

As a chiropractor at Senopati Therapy Center, it is his belief that patients must want to be involved in their own health, asking the right questions, eating correctly, and exercising to bring everlasting results.

Mr. Dennis is the current president of Perkumpulan Chiropractor Indonesia (PCI). PCI currently the only association approved by WFC.

When he isn’t changing lives in the office, Mr. Dennis enjoys boxing several times each week, playing computer games, and is involved in community charity organizations.


Farah Meifira D.C, Chiropractor

Farah obtained her full Chiropractic qualification from Macquarie University – Australia in 2012.

She had a chronic neck pain for years from previous neck flexion injury. She had received various different treatments and nothing seemed to work. Luckily, a good friend of hers is a chiropractor. He treated Farah with Chiropractic cervical adjustments and her pain was gradually diminished and never returned since.

This personal experience has driven her to learn more about her condition and she wanted to be a Chiropractor in order to help others who experience musculoskeletal disorder.

Addition to her Chiropractic skill, she also Certified Master of Rock Tape Kinesio tape, Dry needling Certified & Active Release Technique Certified She now also certified provider for scoliosis care and brace experts by Scolibrace

Outside of the office, Farah enjoys spending time with her family, reading, jogging, and camping.

Garritt Lam D.C, Chiropractor

Garritt attained his Bachelor of Medical Science from UNSW and Master of Chiropractic from Macquarie University.

He loves helping his clients stay active in their daily life. While doing it, I still have time to enjoy my time with my family.

I’m married to my beautiful wife Agnes, and we are blessed with 2 kids aged 2 and 5. I’m born in HongKong, raised in Indonesia and went to Australia at the age of 17 to pursue education until recently coming back to Indonesia to practice chiropractic in our new clinic. I can communicate in 3 languages, English, Indo and Cantonese

Dr Ninis Sri Prasetyowati, Sp.KFR

She graduated from Atma Jaya University Jakarta for her General Practitioner in 2002 and then finished her specialist as Rehab Doctor at University of Airlangga, Surabaya graduated in 2007 and her Doctoral Degree focus on Low Back Pain at University of Indonesia in 2013

She is a member of IDI & PERDOSRI also been actively doing extended learning focusing on scoliosis care.

She is shy but cheerful and always try to bring positive vibes! Ninis loves travelling, shopping and food. She believe postural problem on human beings should be handled from different angles, because humans are complex human beings therefore they need to be handled together.

She is certified provider for “Scolicare Scoliosis Rehabilitation Program” & Denneroll Rehabilitation Technique.

Her recent achievement is certified provider for “Scientific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis” By Italian Scientific Spine Institute

Dr Linda Hartaty, General Practitioner

Dr Linda Graduated from Padjajaran University Medical School, with years of experience in medical screening and bio-mechanics. She is excited to continue and grow her passion in spine and scoliosis management.

Nurul Fitriah, General Manager

For Nurul, chiropractic care is a way of life, after suffering for years with severe migraines she decided to study chiropractic care. Nurul is a quiet, simple and helpful person and she loves seeing smiles on happy patients. She enjoys reading, gaming and spending time with her cats.

Ika Sitepu, Scoliosis Rehabilitation Coordinator

Ika believes a healthy outside starts from within and taking care of your body. So after suffering constipation even with a healthy diet and regular exercise, she discovered Chiropractic adjustment and has never looked back. When she’s not in the office she likes to watch movies, listen to music and spending time with her family.

Oriana Sitepu, Puri Indah Branch Manager

Oriana loves to read, especially history, autobiography and novel. She enjoyed food and chocolate. New knowledge and perspective is the reason of Oriana become part of Senopati Therapy Team. She have a high hope to expand her wisdom in healthcare industry and her personal life. She have a favorite quote “A good input will result in great ending”

Tria, Senior Scoliosis Physiotherapist / Head Rehabilitation

Tria believes “everything will be great in time, so enjoy your life more than what you think”. She studied physiotherapy at Kristen Indonesia University and Esa Unggul University and enjoys educating patients and the greater community on the benefits of quality chiropractic care. When she isn’t working as a Physiotherapist in the office she likes to cook, read, paint, play music and travel.

She is certified provider for “Scolicare Scoliosis Rehabilitation Program” & Denneroll Rehabilitation Technique

Her recent achievement is certified provider for “Scientific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis” By Italian Scientific Spine Institute

Citra Anisa, Senior Sports Physiotherapist

“I enjoy to seeing patients happy and gain satisfaction from their care knowing they can get benefit from the physiotherapy” He studied physiotherapy at Esa Unggul University and loves to work with his team, helping people relieve pain as much as he can. When Bima isn’t working, he likes to watch movies and listen to music.

He is certified provider for “Scolicare Scoliosis Rehabilitation Program” and Denneroll Rehabilitation Technique.

His recent achievement is Fascia Stretching Therapy for Performance practitioner.

Endah Widi, Senior Scoliosis Physiotherapist

Widi studied at Esa Unggul University and likes helping people with her knowledge and skill. She loves seeing them happy after getting treatment and sharing it with their family and friends. She is a mom of one wonderful boy. She likes traveling, hiking, and meeting new people from other types of jobs and sharing the knowledge and experiences. It’s a pleasure for her to be the part of this team. Her partners in work & her new family!

Her recent achievement is certified Dry Needling and provider for “Scientific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis” By Italian Scientific Spine Institute

Labana Simanihuruk, Scoliosis Brace & Rehabilitation

Labana studied Psychology and Law at San Diego State University. He enjoys the challenge to keep chiropractic available in Indonesia, and following and fulfilling all required regulations and making sure they fully comply with current regulations. Labana is an energetic and proud father with a bit of a background in law, government lobbying, and health & wellness. As a Master Trainer of Scoli Brace he involved in many research about scoliosis. When not working, he likes to play golf, games, and likes traveling & exercise. His dream is to make chiropractic programs available here in Indonesia.

He is certified provider for “Scolicare Scoliosis Rehabilitation Program” In Indonesia and His recent achievement is for Fascia Stretch Therapy for Performance practitioner.

Vianika Girsang, Chief Executive Officer

“There’s nothing better than helping patients get better,” says Vianika Girsang, Clinic Manager at Senopati Therapy Center. With a law degree from Atma Jaya University in Jakarta and a passion for health, it’s no surprise that Vianika found her footing with Senopati Therapy Center, utilizing her professional business skills to provide excellent services for our patients and practice.

Vianika herself discovered chiropractic care through her husband, who encouraged her to visit a chiropractor for her neck pain. Since then, she’s seen a tremendous improvement in her overall health and wellness.

When she isn’t in the office, Vianika enjoys traveling and spending time with her family, especially her daughters.

She is certified provider for scoliosis care and brace experts by Scolibrace, “Scolicare Scoliosis Rehabilitation Program” & Denneroll Rehabilitation Technique.

Her recent achievement is certified provider for “Scientific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis” By Italian Scientific Spine Institute

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