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Ergonomic Office Assessment in Jakarta

Tailored Advice for Your Workplace

Without a good understanding of human anatomy and physiology, health and safety executives may struggle to interpret ergonomic evaluation criteria, provide effective customised advice and achieve good, enduring outcomes.

As chiropractors and ergonomic specialists, we draw on our practical and clinical experience not just to offer best practice ergonomic advice, but above all to tailor it to individual circumstances such as pregnancy, disability, weight problems, pre-existing injuries or other specific health conditions.

In pure ergonomic terms, our experience has shown us that in the majority of cases the person’s workstation posture can be significantly enhanced with existing, rather than with “upgraded”, equipment.

Considering the Broader Picture

We don’t confine our assessment and advice to “narrow” workstation ergonomics, but also include:Healthy food choices

  • “social ergonomics” – how the broader office layout and environment affect employees’ posture and body
  • Work and home-based exercises
  • Daily lifestyle habits
  • Carrying ergonomics
  • Hydration and nutrition

We Offer Two Levels of Service

Ergonomic Assessment Plus

30 minute individual interview including a review of personal circumstances, health history, lifestyle, a brief physical assessment and a detailed ergonomic assessment at the work station.

The assessor will then provide the employee with on the spot advice and recommendations, and subsequently produce a 3-4 page tailored report.
This approach is ideal for individual employees with identified health issues whom the company is trying to support in the workplace.

Standard Ergonomic Assessment

Correct posture when sitting15 minute interview and work station assessment with targeted questions covering personal circumstances and health history. The assessor will then provide a core report providing overall advice to the employer and limited specific remarks and advice relative to each assessed employee.

This approach is perfectly adapted to companies aiming to offer best-practice workplace ergonomics to a larger group of employees such as a team, an entire office or call centre.

Want to Learn More?

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